An Angel In Disguise // By: Melissa H.


She was taken

When she was needed the most

Her pure innocence


And only by words

those school bullies who couldn't stand

To see her light

Shine brighter than the light

Of a thousand


They made her feel

Like there was no hope

Those school boys

Sending pictures and videos

Into the world

They made her feel

 All alone

Like there was no one

Who cared for all of the world


One day

It was just too much

She waited until she was alone

She locked the door 

And with her hand shaking violently 

She wrote a few notes

One for her mother

Another for father

And last

A note for the haters, the murderers at most

She then 

Placed a rope

Onto the door

And stood on a chair 

And said “goodbye world”

She jumped and closed her eyes 

Gasping for air

She slowly stopped squirming 

And soon she was still


Her mother came in 

She fell to her knees 

Her poor little baby 

Was now nowhere near

She yelled for her husband 

He quickly ran in

He saw his daughter

Tears engulfing his eyes as he 

Slowly untied the rope from

Her neck 

He held her close 

And cried and cried

While his wife called for help

Barely able to make out any words

Over the sound of her own tears

They rushed her to the hospital

Hoping that there was still a chance

But on December 1st 

They had to let her go


She had lost her life

But it was her time

To say goodbye 

 She was needed back in heaven 

Because she was an angel in disguise.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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