Realizing The Truth

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 23:53 -- Swoods


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"Realizing The Truth"
People yet to forget love,
forget joy
forget peace
forget what are ancestors did in order for us to live

They said I'm a dreamer
But these things aren't so
but there the ones coming with an ego

I try my best to help the rest
with all the heart shown at the park
with all the love my grandma shows
I still don't know why hatred grows

I pray to God my loves doesn't fall short
But instead it grows like a wildfire in a resort

I wonder where the hate comes from
Does it apply in the anger in your eyes
Does it restore in that cold heart of yours
Does it grow in that wonderful mind?

If so how come you act like your the best
even when your life is face the test
Could it be that you don't care
or could It be that you do

Stay strong and face the task
for we all know its not going to last.

Shannon W.

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