Tribute to Kendrick Johnson

You never know when one day it will be the last day you see a loved ones face
And you cry when you hear the news they have been taken away
I wonder how Kendrick Johnson's parents felt
They sent him to school with a book bag and was returned to them in a body bag
Having his death written off as an accident
But if it was an accident then why were they trying to hide evidence
Stuffing his body with old newspaper
And acting like his organs didn't exist
Why would they be trying to cover up a murder
Or is it just neglect
He was black and had dreads
According to this state his appearance meant it was okay that he was dead
We play around when in defense and scream "is it because I'm black that I'm treated like this?"
No really is it because he is black that they falsified the autopsy
Making his death seem like it was nothing
Rolling him up in a wresting mat then claim it's a freak accident
Don't tell me it was an accident you are  just insulting my intelligence
Did anyone consider the fact that he had family
That somebody is out there mourning the death of this teen
His mother is probably looking at the pictures and screaming "my baby!"
I can't even imagine how horrible it might have been for her to be dragged down to the police station and them asking "ma'am can you identify this body?"
Can you identify the body of your son
The one who was supposed to bury you
The one who had dreams and aspirations
The one who you took to his basketball games and practices
And smiled at you in your face and said "Mommy I'm gonna make it big one day"
The one that was supposed to go to college and get a degree
Can you please identify the body of our future doctor, or lawyer, or judge, maybe NBA star, police man, teacher, or whatever he wanted to be
Can you identify the body of this young boy who is gone but will be missed?
Would you blame this mother if she didn't believe her son's death was an accident?
Is she wrong for asking questions
Will you be mad if this family wanted justice?
All we want is a little justice


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