Life is Fragile

It is dangerous to underestimate the value of this life.

 It is dangerous to belittle the opportunities to overcome strife.

Life is fragile.

When it is lost, it is hard to know how to respond.

Confusion in the midst of the chaos is not something fore longed.

Anger can get in the way of forgiveness.

Sadness in the way of strength.

A new life in the concentration of a dead one.

Death is the greatest thief of joy.

It is a pain that stings deeply without being coy.

But there is reconciliation through community.

Direct communication can act on hurt as immunity.

But here is my issue.

We get so absorbed in ourselves that it causes us to lose our sense of humanity.

 With hashtags and emojis, the words we type have no genuinity.

Someone passes away,

We tweet.

We post a picture on Instagram.

We say what we feel through something manmade.

Want to express feelings that will never fade?


 If you care about someone it shouldn’t be told through a phone.

After a tragedy, we all need to know we are not alone.

Instead of simply posting a picture to be apart of the mix,

Do something, anything, to make the situation fixed.

Tell someone about how the choices they make will affect them.

Every person has value, purpose and then some.

The only way to change our community is to form together.

Be the change or else friction will only tether.

Don’t just tweet about it.

It’s one conversation that’s not lighter.

It’s one memory we hold tighter.

It’s one opportunity to make this world a little brighter. 


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