Letter To Me

To my 13 year old self, 
Do you want the good news or the bad?
The good news is we're happy. 
The bad is we're still scared and mad.
We've fought our battles tough and true and not all of them alone. 
We've grown up strong for those we trusted and those we've turned to stone 
We found our voice despite the caution that they taught us there.
We learned quick always be the tortoise not the hare 
Always stop to plan ahead and I swear you'll make it there
Honestly I wouldn't change a single thing not the heartbreak nor the mistakes nor the hell your years had been 
All those moments have made me here today 
Yes it's hard we felt like giving it all up 
Just hang in there an you'll see it's been worth all the fuss
I'll see you in the mirror smiling back at me it gets better wait and see just how much you'll mean 
Love from me at age 18

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