Never Turn Around

They want to know my answer

They want to know it soon

Everyone has their eyes on me

Silence has engulfed the room.


But I just stay silent

Barely meeting all their stares

It seems that time has stopped

And I am taken back there.


Back to the things that we all saw

The things we tried to tell

They said that things would be okay

The lies that they did sell.


Things kept getting worse and worse

But they stuck to their lie

They claimed they were looking into it

Everything would be just fine.


They told us to keep silent

They said never tell a soul

Things can’t get any worse

 Things were under control.


It went on for months this way

Our problem never solved

They insisted there was no reason

To get higher powers involved.


Then one day the threats got worse

We didn’t know what else to do

We told our story once again

If no one listened, we were through.


They did report the incident

But to what avail it did

We were all still scared to death

After all, we were still kids.


One week later to the day

Our problem had gone viral

The blame was being thrown around

And our lives began to spiral.


We still followed their instructions

Telling only a small few

The tales of what really happened

And some people already knew.


We never said how we were dealing with this

At least I never did

Anyone who knows me well

Knows I keep my feelings hid.


No one knew how many times

I stayed awake in bed

Scared tomorrow would be my last day

Playing it all out in my head.


I had made a promise

Before I was in too deep

I didn’t know what i was getting into

But it was a promise I planned to keep.


I promised that I would keep her safe

I’d do anything I could

Even if it meant I would get hurt

I promised, so I would.


I snapped back to reality

Only a second had gone by

So I did what they were known for

I started to spit out a lie.


I said that I was doing great

Everything was safe and sound

And soon after I had left

I vowed never to turn around


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