Injustice of Hypocrisy

I hate walking through the hallway every day

I hate hearing what other people have to say

When your friend is only two feet away 

There is no need to scream the whole way


About how you hate your friends boyfriend 

Or how you just went shopping last weekend

And there is more where people shouldn’t be speaking

Maybe you shouldn’t always say what you are thinking


But are you really thinking when you say that you want to kill yourself?

Do you ever think about how that could affect someone else?

And don’t go around saying you are depressed

Depressed is a buildup of sadness and stress


How many of you really know what that is?

Just because you aren’t smiling doesn’t mean that self diagnosis is right

And what about the people who really are struggling but don’t get the attention

Because everyone around them claims that they have the same fight?


I think it is selfish

I think it is unnecessary

I think people need to start listening to make friends instead of always talking

And talking

And talking


So I do hate walking through the hallways

I do hate sitting through class 

I do hate staying in school for seven hours


But it isn’t school

It is the people


And I want to tell those people

who hear all these awful things that their classmates say


That it does get better

And just because they say it now

Doesn’t mean it lasts forever

And maybe someday they will get some common sense 


But you have to hold yourself to a higher standard 

You have to start the change you want to see in them

Because nobody will do it or else they might lose their fake friends

Who don’t care about anyone, just the drinking and the parties that will end


This poem is about: 
My community


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