An Angel's Kiss Goodbye


United States
33° 48' 14.0004" N, 117° 46' 21.072" W

I held her in my arms
And listened to her muffled sobbing
As her face remained
Buried in the crook of my neck

So young- too young-
To understand
Yet she knew the pain
Of all those around her

Friday, December fourteenth

Her tears fell mute
To the sound of parents
Calling out hopelessly
For their children already ascending
Towards their new home in Heaven

My angel rose her head from my neck
And her face shone with renewed youth

She kissed away the tears on my cheeks
And met my pleading eyes
Whispering sweetly
"Mommy, I will always love you"

My arms fell limp
As she skipped away with her best friend
Fading away into the afternoon sky

My angel- my child-
Gone forever


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