A Boy and His Life

At first, life was beautiful,

At first, life seemed hopeful,

At first, life was bright,

At first, the worst Boy felt was childish fright,



But then came puberty and with it, confusion,

In addition, at school Boy only found exclusion,

In himself, Boy felt unsure,

In himself, Boy became insecure,

Boy was told to kill himself,

Boy began hating himself,

Boy's nights were filled with torrential tears,

Boy's life was filled with rampant fears,

Boy discovered depression,

Boy discovered repression,

Boy gave himself bloodied wrists,

Felt like pain is all of which Boy's life consists.



Two years after his suicide attempt Boy came to acceptance,

Now Boy strives for perseverance,

Boy came to his conclusion

that compassion is the solution,

Boy found the right guidance

that helped him give up his self-violence,

Again life is beautiful,

Again life is hopeful,

Boy found that life is love,

Boy found that love is life,

And life is...good


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