Alice-Hidden From The World


She wasn’t really to be described as a person of order.

 She was lying on her bed in the center of the room,

 all the lights in her room were on, and she liked the light.

Across from her bed was her old brown dusty vintage dresser

and placed on her dresser was her neon green Lava Lamp.

Commonly, she would sit in her room and stare at the lamp for hours and watch the colors swirl.

 She never truly understood how the lamp worked.

Aside from her lava lamp, she also had a disco light ball from her childhood and a strobe light. She wasn’t quite sure when or where she got them but she loved her lights all of which had their own special place on her dresser.

 I have been watching her for weeks, because well that is my job.

I knew everything and nothing about Alice at the same time.

From what I noticed in her room she was quite, reserved

but her body language made me think she was otherwise.

This past week I have been watching her nobody has ever visited.

Not even a soul has entered her room, not a friend not a parent or nothing.

She was afraid of the world.


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