High School


1136 Colonial Xing Mobile AL
United States
30° 39' 58.824" N, 88° 16' 13.1412" W

Thankyou for teaching me 

Teaching me biology 

Teaching me literarature 

Teaching me history 

Teaching me math

But most importantly for teaching me reality 

A reality with meth-laced gummy bears on campus 

I know you tried to warn and teach me about this in health

A reality with guns as weapons and merchandise on campus 

I know you tried prevention with signs and police 

A reality with adults who find children attractive on campus 

I know you tried to prevent this with expensive cameras 

I guess some things were out of your hands


Like situations where the only love a teenage girl had ever felt was a boy 

Nine months later she would have a girl herslef 

Picking up a toy 

She escaped her criticisms for a small second

A sliver of joy 

But thankyou for keeping your hands tied 

No matter how much that girl cried 

You taught me the reality of how judgemental people could be 


And I know you could't see

 That boy acting out in class 

His actions were only a plee 

His family situation is was what others called trash

He called it a reality he wished he  could flee

Instead he recieved detention

 When he had already felt like life's detainee

But thank you for remaining blind 

Regardless of his numerous obsticles 

If you had worn your spectacles 

You wouldn't have taught me the reality of how inconsiderate people could be 


And I know you missed it 

The conversation between those two kids 

It was about their skin tones 

Which turned their location into a fight zone 

They lived the exact same lifestyle 

A claim 

A claim that one was more inferior than the other is what started it all

What a shame 

But thank you for not listening in 

If you had heard 

You wouldn't have taught me how hateful people could be 


I know you tried to create a better atmosphere 

But I think you made it clear 

Some things just can't be controlled 

For showing me this 

My gratitude you hold 

To know the world possesses so much negativity

gives me even more reason to spread positivity 

Because of you I will be 

More accepting 

More considerate 

More loving

So thank you High School 

for teaching me more than gene pool.



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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