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It has taken me a long time to realize that is doesn’t matter how long it takes, Because no one is going to look back and see all of your mistakes.
It has taken me a long time to realize that is doesn’t matter how long it takes, Because no one is going to look back and see all of your mistakes.
I hate that I am allowing myself to get excited, Because the whole time I have been telling myself to go into this light hearted. But I have realized that I have not learned how to keep myself out of this mess,
It took me a long time to admit how terrifying this journey is to me, And how hard it is to let go of my past to become everything I wanted to be.
You seem different, and it feels like you feel the same way that I do, But I have seen this before, where I felt that those delusions in my head were true. I am scared that once again, I will be the only one to fall,
After being broken so many times, the pieces never fit together quite the same, And you want to blame everyone else, but you know that you are the only one you can truly  blame.
This time will not be like the others, and this time I mean what I say, Because I have already seen it play out, and I will not let it end the same way.
And just like that, you are back to square one, Feeling like you have nothing left and that you are already done. But you have been doing this for too long to give it up now,
There are going to be times in life when people are going to let you down, And you will be the only person who will be able to pick yourself up off of the ground.
I am upset with myself because it took me so long, To realize that I have been approaching the situation completely wrong. I never understood why it was taking me so long to do this,
You broke me, And there were so many pieces of myself that I was no longer able to see. But with every piece that I picked up off of the floor, I was finally able to close that door.
When you tried your best, you seem to get knocked down again, And you are left there wondering if this is going to be the end. If this whole time you have been fighting for no real reason,
Each day I feel myself going further and further away from you, But every once in a while, you still pop into my mind in everything that I do. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to let you go,
After years of allowing you to take up all of  my thoughts and all of my time, I am finally able to let it go and take back control of what is mine.
All of this time I kept blaming myself, wondering why I was never good enough, But after four years, I finally realized that none of that is true. I can’t blame myself for what you did to me,
It can be so hard to let go of the past, Especially when it comes down to something that you were hoping was going to last. But the only way to move on is to finally let it go,
Last night all of my fears had come true, Because when I was walking home, I ran into you. I saw you out of the corner my eye,
I have comes to terms with the reality that is me and you, And I know that reaching out is something that you are never going to do. As much as I hate to admit it, I know that part of is done,
It still hurts sometimes, but I have come to peace with where me and you are, And I guess I like the fact that me and you are sleeping under the same stars.
It’s hard to sit here and figure out what we were, Because the past few years have kind of all turned into a blur. I know we weren’t lovers, but I also don’t think we were just friends,
I have moved on, and I have worked so hard to let it all go, But there are still some things that you don’t seem to know. And I have all of the memories saved,
And just like that, I was finally able to move on, And it seems like the memories I have for you are slowly starting to be gone. It sucks that it took so long for this to finally come true,
This whole time I kept wondering why God did this to me, Why would he bring someone so amazing into my life, if he knew we were never going to be?
And after everything that happened, I realized I need to say thank you, Because you helped me so much, despite everything you put me through.
It’s officially been one month since the last time that we spoke, And there are days where I am still trying to pick up the pieces that you broke. And most days I am doing pretty well,
It hurts me to say, but I know that this is the end, Because after everything that happened, we can never be friends again. I have to admit to myself, that I will always love you,
I feel myself slowly starting to get better everyday, But every once in a while, it still hurts, and I knew that it was going to be this way. And I find myself still wishing that you would come back,
I have to admit that there are times when you are still on my mind, But unlike before, it is not like it is happening all of the time. I found myself smiling yesterday, and it happened to be sincere,
I still remember the story that you told me, About how your mom wanted nothing to do with your dad until they came to be. How they grew up together, and your mom wanted nothing to do with your dad,
Can I sit here and say that I am starting to let it go? Or is this a lie, and it is something that I already know. During the day I am fine, and then I fall apart most nights,
I thought I wasn't going to show it to you, but I did, And now you know how I have felt about you since you were a kid. After all of this time, maybe now you can finally see,
As hard as it would be to hear it, sometimes I wish you would just have the guts to say how you feel, Because you and I both know that it is what is real. I know you want to tell me to leave you alone,
Does love stop at a certain age Has the flame of desire Been extinguished by the years Love can blossom at any age Desire can still burn brightly Age has taught us The beauty of love
I have to keep reminding myself that I knew that this was not going to be an easy task, And it is simple to keep it together during the day, but lose it at night when you take off your mask.
If you stop now, then what was the point of all of this in the first place? Because you can't quit now when you are this close to finishing the race. Even if it seems like there is no finish line in sight,
It always seems as if it is one step forward, and one step back,  And that when things go wrong, it is because of the strength that you seem to lack.
Lately it feels as if everything around me is falling apart, That I keep reliving the same moments over and over, not knowing how to follow my heart. I keep it together, and have a smile on my face when others are around,
The older I get, the more I realized that there is nothing more precious than time, And I have finally realized that I no longer want to waste mine.
The older I get, the more I realize that there is nothing more precious than time, And that once I let it go, I can never get back something that is no longer mine.
One minute I hate you and I say that we are through. The next minute you smile and do that thing that you do. That makes me losy my mind every single time, And I am constantly reminded of how bad I want you to be mine. 
I think I finally realized what the true defintion of love is,  That it is something that can also be scary and terrifying, and is not just romantic and full of bliss. That was what finally made me realize that I loved you, 
It's funny how life decides to teach you lessons in the hardest way, And that most of the time, you don't know what else you can do, think, or say. For the first time in a long time, I am finally starting to feel like me again,
Sometimes I feel like I don't give myself the credit that I deserve, Because I always get back on track when things get tough, when others would not have the nerve.
Taking it day by day is all that I can do, Because no matter how hard I try, all I think about is you. One day I am fine, and the next day I am falling apart,
I have been trying so hard to erase you from my mind, And I keep reowrking it in my mind that I am fine. I go through phases, and one day I'm okay and the next day I am falling apart,
I tell myself that I don't want anything more to do with you, But it is hard to convince yourself of that after everything that we have been through. I tell myself that I don't care whether or not you leave me on read,
I am tired of listening to everyone around me telling me that I am wrong for still believing, Because they are so used to giving up on love and having everyone close to them suddenly leaving.
For far too long now, I have been letting people get in my head and try and bring me down, But I am finally at the point where I am taking back control, and I am turning it all around.
Meu amor quando você sai Quando você vai embora É minha lua indo embora É meu sol desaparecendo Eu não como
I am not going to lie, sometimes it is hard to be a good person, Because everything that is going on around you can cause you to worsen. When you are going through something, it can be very easy to turn cold,
Saturday, 11/26 @ 8:35 pm   simple words; deeply felt one look, one touch, and I do melt   above me, beside me below me, inside me   near me or gazing from afar
THIS ISN’T LOVE By Debi Lyn Th-11/03/22 ~ 7:30 pm   Why pray tell do I love you when I know it isn't right?  
Once before, I thought I was in love, but I soon realized that this was not true, And I was questioning if I ever would feel it for you, but that was until I met you.
      Touching you lightly hold my hand, darling with you, there's a better me you're perfect the way you are      Your smile making light brighter your voice makes sound sweeter
You stand there so beautiful so tall and dark.   You look at me   You’ve created a spark.   You’ve lit in me a flame and my passion’s ablaze.   I look at you,
FIRE & DESIRE Mon, 06/20/2021 - 5:34 pm By Debi Lyn   Unquenchable fire shall surely conspire
I woke up; you are in my bones I’m thirsty with sand in my eyes I feel you wrapped around my bones Like cellophane under the muscles  Woven tight while I was sleeping   The night before you lured me
The taste of your sweat is cold like a waterfall Each time I remember licking it I feel too much pain deep in my chest It pulls from my throat to the place the air settles When I force myself to breathe 
    The night is a hanging    cluster of bruised    black Hua Niu    apples souring in the    humidity. The    buck’s bloated remains        taste just as sweet—  
"DON'T HOPE" Do not hope for anythang you desire; rather work for everythang you aspire. Do not hope when you aren't doing anythang, only hope when you're working, go get. And fortune smile on you. #c9_fm
ALL I EVER WANTED Whenever I looked into her eyes I see everythang I ever desire.
"WHAT I'M FEELING" She's somewhat freaky and desirable. She's a gem like and extra- ordinarily gorgeous. And amiable.
"WHAT I'M FEELING" She's somewhat freaking and desirable. She's a gem like and extra- ordinarily gorgeous.
𝓗𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓰𝓪𝓻𝓭𝓮𝓷 𝔀𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓼 𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓱𝓲𝓹 𝓑𝓮𝔂𝓸𝓷𝓭 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓶 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓼𝓴𝔂 𝓲𝓼 𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓐 𝓱𝓪𝔃𝓮 𝓲𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓷𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓯𝓸𝓰𝓼 𝓶𝔂 𝓼𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓐 𝓶𝓲𝓼𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓬𝓪𝓾𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓫𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓿𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓑𝓵𝓸𝓸𝓭 𝓻𝓮𝓭 𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓼,  𝓯𝓾𝓵𝓵 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓻𝓲𝓹𝓮
Some people may tell me that I am crazy, but no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to let you go,
Road to glory is bumpy lumpy. Gory to walk 🚶 in glory. Road to Achievement always seems obscure but an enthusiastic makes it obvious. Plus determination,
Absolutely a lover man, ain't a player, somethang must kill a man, from the heart of c9fm reaching out boom brother LilTunechi balling better man.
Sometimes I get so lost in my own thoughts that I don't know what to do, My brain is telling me that I need to move on, but my heart only has feelings for you.
I started this job ready to focus on my work and not fall in love with someone that I have to see everyday, But it didn't take long for me to get excited to see you daily, and sturggle to find the right words to say.
i've always been attracted to challenges.   something about the chase,   the feeling of always wanting more,   the hunger that gnaws at you from the inside,  
I was that person who always hid in the background and let life pass me by, And I never put myself out there because I was always too scared and shy. It's funny how in the past couple of years my life has turned around, 
  With me to stay If you may  Ever y day.    I'd stick to my call I would wait and l...look out for your tender call For a promise not known to fail, with all, my all.   
Shall I speak to you my secrets in hushed and airy tones near the warmly-lit fire? Sweet taste of nectar and honey you praise me and forget yourself. How this narrative reminds me of one such time
galaxy eyes look deep into mine in them i can see the milky way.   lips like beams of light create supernovas when they graze my body.   hands like planets orbit around my hips
I. My mind is a juggernaut of dirt and steel.     My hands on your body, the arbiter of all that is real.     With tears that fall like the spider crawls,
1. Today, I’m going to build a sky, pink and purple and flayed with the wretched stains of existence.     For this dawn burns my eyes with the temporal nature of living.  
1. Poetry Grafted Onto Starlit Bodies   Focused moments,hot breath tickling receptive ears.  
1.Humbled intoa simple speck of star,   basking in the glowof a girl with a galaxy wide smile,  
1.Exquisite exhalationssmash viciously against uslike wave after wave of ravenous,jailbreaking, thunderhearted Tsunamis  
Is it stupid to believe that you are capable of anything that you set your mind to? Do some people feel like that no matter how hard you work they may never come true?
Even though it seems like the days are getting longer, I know that they are actually coming to an end, And I am sitting here staring at the letters that I wrote to you, but never had the guts to send.
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder,  And being apart from somelike you has made my mind wander. I am constanty wondering what you are doing during this time, 
I am Saudade; one who came and blew out the fire,  I inspire through the loss and desire,  I cannot be explained but am understood,  I have taken one from motherhood,  I am death but I am life, 
 I'd like to be like Selena, red lips, confidence, heart of gold But it's hard, since I'm shy and I know that I never could be quite as bold    I'd like to be like Diana
As the light hit my face I embraced it Although it was a gloomy day I was still thankful I have so much Much more than other children in 3rd world countries I have food, clothes, shelter
... " I Just CAN'T SLEEP " ... !!! Because of THE HEAT On The Third of July ... The Sun's Up HIGH And Shining BRIGHT ... !!!
HELLO LOVE! ~ by Debi Lyn   Thou art greatly missed Darling. When shall I again
Rays fall through the air Stretched thin in atmosphere I long to see them again I strive to see the light again Push to uncover the blinds I no longer want to be blind
dear black folks i want to be white  dear white folks iwant to be black  dear halfcastes i want to be black and white at the same time  (much love to my kids) dear jews i want to be a muslim  dear muslims i want to be a jew can you help me out bro
No one else may hold my gaze as you do. My heart is always longing for your love. It comes to my body, you haven't a clue;
   All the world clings onto hope seeking to fullfill their desire but they grasp a feeble rope for they do not inquire if the virtue of the wish outweighs the greed.      Humans may seek to snatch
   All the world clings onto hope seeking to fullfill their desire but they grasp a feeble rope for they do not inquire if the virtue of the wish outweighs the greed.      Humans may seek to snatch
My Momma says don’t search for love but I’m always looking for you,  I collect the stars and weave them into a picnic blanket, They cover the sky like little tiny eyes,  
All i wanted was a life that i wish i had  all i wanted was the ability to feel sad all i wanted was the desire to be mad what i wanted was to be me what i wanted was for someone not leave ne
All i wanted was a life that i wish i had  all i wanted was the ability to feel sad all i wanted was the desire to be mad what i wanted was to be me what i wanted was for someone not leave ne
All i wanted was a life that i wish i had  all i wanted was the ability to feel sad all i wanted was the desire to be mad what i wanted was to be me what i wanted was for someone not leave ne
The love of  a burning rose can only be kindled when loves at stake,Making it hard to take, what most don't know is that this is the first mistake,For the burning rose has many thorns and with its thorns comes the desire,Cutting and tearing yet it
As you sit up A few rows forwardOr a few rows backThere is always someone watching shylyAdmiring you...Wishing to talk to you...
That heavy cigarette scent, intertwined with his cologne, lingered in the little space between us.
I can't help desires. They will come from deep inside, With no way to hide. I don't wish to disgrace them, But only to keep them calm. Rudy Valle
“The rain is so fitting tonight. Saying all the words I fail to express.”I wrote this in the note I never gave you.I remember that night clearly. He liked me, I liked him.
As you gazed at me from afarSecretly among the crowdMy core trembled with desire In your eyes I schemedMy heart’s darkest questYour silent confess
A comfort zone prevents transition No alteration being made to an ambition Locked up in a desolated cell While months turn into years  
I first recognised it as an infant, becoming accustomed to this trait. Sporadic bursts of love and laughter were sure signs  this was meant to be.  Then monumental loss replaced it with a scourge of darkness
I relinquish running away, Whatever I do, I feel astray. Sensing jinxed from head to toe, Now it’s time to face my foe.   From all the undying tears I’ve shed; Though unseen, my heart has bled.
I observe & your face says it all When I’m pleasinWhen I’m teasinWhen I’m eatin..Juices like honey Natural & raw 
Love, What is love? The autum leaves dropping? The soaring birds flocking? I think not. Love is an emotion. Not something you can drink like a potion...
My, how I wish to dream. Not the flighty, incomprehensible fairies of sleep. Not the droughts which form gaps in your memory.
Sweet heart o’ mine, hear my yearning pleastaring into your star struck eyesgive me absolute hope, set my soul freeto soar high in clouded lapis sky.  
Looking out the Window I see my slight reflection, notice my brown complexion and see all the weathers pondering whether I should wear that red sweater.
When I saw your face It threw me for a whirl Beautiful beyond words Such a precious little girl/ Big blues eyes Remind me of the morning skies A soothing sunrise resides between your thighs/
I am unable to recast The same sun that rose  The day that was our last This isn’t what I chose Glass between our paths I had you in my grasp
Forgive my reach I can't stop I know I should But I can't stop We pick our fruits From the places we love But seasons change
Dear Sam,  Sometimes I'm not sure if I miss you or the way you made me feel. Sometimes I'm not sure if I can live another second without feeling the way you made me feel. Sometimes I'm not sure how you really made me feel.
Made me feel like  I was being caught in the rain. Slow scattered drops of water,  Cool on a warm day,  Sent Worry and Desire on a race.  Should I run or watch what happens?  
What do you see yourself in five years? That’s the question I fear, I begin to think and think About so many things About college, about life
Liberation, She called it, Discharging pet Lovebird from the Foreign shackles Named commitment  
I feel a spark inside it ignites when i feel your lips on mine.   I see the look in your eyes when your fingertips press against the curvature of my neck.   There is warmth
i see that smirk  spreading on your lips  and i'm staring at you  with a similar smirk  as i tell you that  you know nothing.  you "own" nothing.  your smirk was triumphant when you told me 
Spring, summer, fall, winter Joy, passion, love, reality Seasons and emotions are one in the same Everybody has a favorite season Everybody has their own reason But the one thing that stays true
Oh it's you.  Hello again! I know, it's been so long, it's so nice to see you! What do you think? I've barely been holding myself together.  Are you kidding, I've never been better! How's the wife?
Long and narrow Razor sharp Dark and brooding Elegant Light and ductile Mesmerizing Loving, warring Blood ‘twas spilling   Love forbidden Emotions revealing
Can I tell you a secret? Come closer so I may whisper it It goes something like this;   I want to swim in your eyes I want to tell you, you have colonized my mind
my heart has a place for you that no other man could ever subdue.
I want things That I avoid Because I do not want To want. Wanting comes with anticipation And desires, when they
its friday and my watch reads 8:20, thinking about your sweet apricot lips and skin tasting like honey, ive waited a long week just to see my bae, let me cook for you, soothe you, tell me about your day,
Love means Pure and simple Fne mist after a light rain Vibrant sunsets on the horizon Tender kisses in the moonlight Endless desire   Love looks Effervescent, hidden solace
It's 20 minutes to sunrise I'm watching the sun kiss every inch of your skin as it awakes from its slumber and peers through the window Skin that only God could have molded with red clay from the earth
Her eyes dance across the sheet, She struggles to catch it as it reaps, It says the things she wouldn't dare, And she turns it into notes floating in the air.
People don't live that long, That's why some party everyday like Frank came home, And it's hard for them to say that their heart aint yearning to walk up in the church and believe the sermon,
When tears slip down her bronze skin,  She seeks warmth from the fire. So far away, she craves it with a  Burning desire.   The crisp winds shroud her in the cold. 
Stop it. Whatever it is that you do. Making me reconsider pulling away from you. I want to be gone, cut off from your world, But with each smile, my emotions are swirled.
Her mind tunes to Rameau as She dissects the Earth,From Her solemn seat in the gardens of Eiffel.Pondering mysteries She has wondered since birth, A usual trait of Athena’s DiscipleShe eyes each lone soul with the keenness of KantAnd wonders their
Desire. My desire. Your desire. Desire. Something that can hold you so tight but will so easily make you lose your mind. Desire.
What would my mom think  Since she thinks I am so straight line  Since I haven't had a boyfriend  But alcohol is fine -lately  Since I avert even my own attention  Caution as my grip 
you wanted to see my room you burned so sweetly underneath you sat like fallen leaves laid bare the trees outside my door
Captivating is what I aim to be, Stealing your breath with just one look at me. Magnetic, intoxicating, and exemplary.   Raw is what I aim to be,
It's quiet hours like these... The room is dark The moon is full My heart is empty Visions dance on my mind Of times when ours was now... And we were each other's
There was Fire, Dark fire, In his eyes; A gaze from which Dark secrets poured And whispered Fiery words into The air between them, Silent as time Stood still,
Took my youth for granted Now I’m stuck in a sandpit of broken dreams and neglected responsibilities My mind is constantly telling me that I can do better But no matter what 
 Whenever I see a shooting star I think of you And whenever I sing I think of you And whenever I close my eyes I think of you   The world keeps spinning And I desperately try to feel
Unveil yourself tonight, O diva of my heart, sing to me the rine and rune of your love. #cinquain #poetry
The moon herself will hide shamed in your light. How then could this mortal hide, his madness for you!
Among all the flowers, the rousing red poppy intoxicate my mind above them all. #cinquain
I thank My Lord for pain. For, it's the ache that add perfection to this love in me, for you. #cinquain
Your eyes, mesmerize me Like a shaman's mantra. Qaiser's soul now long for you, Only. #cinquai
Would it please you if at night we were to kissand roll in sweating flames of sounding sighs,tightly tangled the track of time to miss,for time was reset in our merging eyes?Would it please you to be held by my arm
Sieze me, confine me, engorge your sacred soul, with this madness for you. #renga #KISS
I dreamt, I am your soul, But then I wake and find, That I am, still the beggar at Your door. #cinquain
Outpourings of my soul Pathways to my mind Overflows of my heart Portraits of the “real me” inside   Desire and dream dancing oh so freely Fear and pain relenting as they lose secrecy
If here upon God’s earth is a piece of heaven; I swear it is you, it is you, It is… #cinquain_poem #muse
I don't belong in my family, that is how I see it.  I don't belong in my family, I know that they don't see it.  The thing came in,  adopted at two.  I know he is family,  he is my family too. 
Her light is overlooked. Just as I arrive my lover leaves. All I have are the stories the stars leave me with to get me through. I go on for her. My hope is that one day she and I will be one.
You asked me why I am shaking.  Because I am unable to sit still with you.  I want to be closer.  So close the only air I breathe  is the air you exhale.  I want the only space I take up 
Her heart as deep as the ocean She is mysterious like the other side of the moon Her intellect as bright as the stars Her skin glows like a million suns   She is as fierce asa cheetah 
Listen to her, as she plays that melody that I once knew.  That song that I thought was my saving grace, twisted now to a devils song. I want it to end, yet how could it stop, when for so long 
Glistened with color, Perfectly riped, Hidden deep within the branches, Created and waiting only for my sight, It only took one bite, of the forbidden fruit and I was addicted.  
Am hooked It's fucking unbearable, Unfortunate that it's legal, Because this may actually be the death of me. Fucking murder, Your under my skin, I bleed you, You lost your head but I lost my heart
Love: Human connection The exhilarating feeling of being close to someone Two souls, finding each other amidst the chaos of this world Two hearts, beating as one
Alone on an island Stranded and lost Waves crashing and winds blowing I do not feen for food or water But for your love Your company Your arms around me Gripping me tightly
  A hand desperately craved twisting and stretching pulling my strings   Now, in this new land To sense I’m enslaved
I sit and ponder to the melody of muse, Doth time control all, or am I misguided? For if any soul be more than a mindless misuse, and while passion’s crucial catalyst remains undecided,
We argue every day. We argue until walls fall down, Until the neighbors from downstairs look up at us And say the next day “Please don’t slam the door. We hear you.”
You cast your light like candles in the darkness, You love like a flame, Darkness cannot conquer you, No shadow can overcome you lighten rays.   You insert your ignited incandescence into my icy heart,
Thick thighs Golden eyes Innocent smile Shared desire.   Frantic heart Jump start.   Lost in time Lost in space.   Thick thighs Golden eyes Wicked smile
It consumes all my thoughtsTakes over my bodily functionsIt's overpoweringRuling with society's corruptionsThe darkness devouring
Dreams They're what keep us thinking Good and badBeautiful and ugly We need the imaginationof aliensof spaceof becoming a princessor queen of Marsand solving world hunger
On this island, in the middle of nowhere I find pleasure in my solitude. The one thing I could never covet (despite the Never-ending depths of my selfish nature), Is you and your sweet love  
After allowing a little space      for the light to spread all hands raveled faster than I thought...   They should have been on her      all night.   This pertinacious pursuit of one continued
I looked outside as the cars rolled silently by. I looked outside and wondered which one you would drive.   I looked outside as the rain fell endlessly downward. I looked outside
I need you. I want you. Deep inside my soul I hunger and thirst for you. The want of food vanishes from my lips, and on them forms the word "Desire".
Thy heart is the parchment upon Which I burn these words of lust with the quill of passion Each cloud-like touch of mine, Dies to explore every inch of thy sacred valleys and holy arches If I had a dying wish,
I suppose I just knew, You never told me what to do There were no "directions" For the heat of my affections, My heart just beat  While your lips tasted sweet On my own.  
I drag you in and kick you back out, dropping you from your highyou enjoy it when you're near me though I'll be the reason you'll dieYou inhale me, I infect your blood streamSeeping into your poresUntil you crave me
Hello my name is . . . And I'm an addict.   It started out casually,  just a drink of this idea, a future with you. I could see our path unfolding but
my safe haven has always been the library, nestled among shelves upon shelves of beautiful, beautiful books old with new and new with old a mixture of the best and the worst of society,
Your hands run through my hair Your piercing eyes searching mine For what, I do not know Nor do I know what you will find.   Maybe you see the way I adore you My thoughts always wandering back to you
Subconsciousness of memories flashing back as a motion picture
These feelings are becoming tighter around my throat. I try to hold my breath but the months just float.   My esophagus collapses and I begin to wimp.
I sat quietly outside idling by, when the image of a woman caught my eye. My eyes fixated on her dark orange dress with a skirt that went just past her knees; not such beauty has any man ever seen.
She walks with pride, showing elegance within each stride.
Envision freedom as a circle spanning three hundred and sixty degrees   And sitting at the circle’s center you are at liberty to swivel and tilt at will  
How beautiful to see A smile with no teeth Laughter from the trees Gentle chickadee
Princess Cara and Sir Arthur Approached a fork in the path. She jumped from her stallion,
Bones bones bones
I am the
A necklace lies upon her breast
Two mountains before me have been put,  Towards the first I look, 
I was once a goddess searching for my god,And he appeared to me in a wheelchair.But that's okay.  
I ache for the scent and the touch of your skin The tingles that tangle me from within The plump bloody rush that courses unsimmed The pleasure thrilling each soft settled skim 
My life became  a
Tick tock, goes the clock, as I'm just waiting For your mind to click, realize, and see I want you. I feel the bittersweet sting. Wish you would feel the same way about me.
Young lust Simmers deeper than a gigantic tidal wave The vivacious fusion of the two bodies Begins to peak into the uppermost realm of infatuation  As they cover each other with outer warmth
Peaceful rosary, The moon and the sky.   A tree line’s lazy lush Screaming inside me   A microscopic colony Quiet vitality   I don’t know how The world got so beautiful
I am a shadow. I am a spore. I am a seed. I have not grown yet, but among my millions of siblings, I don't think I'll stand out much.
Nymph. Obsessed with intimacy, sex, passion. You awaken the beast in every saintly man. Show them life on the Devil's side. You give to them Holy Ground.
Time, it's the movemen of the second hand
vertiginous thoughts occupy space                 in my head where there was none each thought jets by my naked eye                 shot from a smoking gun lascivious intents spew words
I want to pound my head into the floor. I want to pound my lips into yours. I want you to cut me open- See my raw, blistered heart And hold it in your hands. I want to be enough to clear your airways.
Excruciating Love     Never have I encountered such a plight In which my heart contradicts its morals. Her skin is dun, while mine is fairly light
Will He, Does He, Can He? By Jay Whitney
Sweat, Tears, Desire,
Could you feel me leave; and climb so high to see the world at my feet? Steady storms ashore, but I'm the iris and I just want more   It's in the stars: the treble in my heart will be heard on Mars, for  
Singing the melody of a song
When I was younger all I could think about was going back to Chicago but now I see it's just because of the memories I had there.
She looked out to the flourescent sky Daydreaming like a small child Wishing she had the wings of a bird so she could fly She wanted to be free, she wanted to be wild  
To my desire,   Is it even possible? I hate you so much. You are the crimson fire that burns angrily in me. You are the bush of thorns growing around my heart.
  Butterflies seek shelter amidst the wind  Spreading their wings in the light
Quiet is the observer Motionless in kaleidoscopic torment. I thought until thought was meaningless. “Grab the pen! Grab it, you coward!” A ceaseless voice streams Through an intravenous drip.
We hide inside our separate corners 
    Desguised, hidden, shunned, and thrown away. I look into the mirror, all that I see, is the demon staring back at me. Never knew who it was, until my mind was frozen with time.
It has been an era since I have gazed Into the mirrored eyes of morning. The thought lingers in an ocean Of fruitless expectation. The yearning, thirsting shore Waits untouched by equipoised waves
A longing within the deepest of skin Flows like a heedless stream For there we were, distant but sure That all was like a waking dream   I gazed in eyes that analyzed Processing what I contained
The flowing waters of Eros Traversed the infinite space Where cold and stoic I lingered Far from warmth’s embrace   Slowly, thus intrigued, Approached the seeming cause Of my dismantling
Word after word
If I cry to the heavens by moonlight
Your mouth was like poison
Sitting alone Knowing what I have done
         My soul is in agony, because you’re loving he whom is not meI cringe by the thought of your memory; my emotions keep running through my bowels and my thoughts become rancidI love you but I hate you,
Nothing ever explains the way I feel about you,I never saw you
For me For you But for no one By faith By life By all My eyes see what my mind won't My mind sees what my eyes can't For the love of the words And fear of the unknown
One of my old poems:   Sometimes I feel like a puppet, Pulled along in another's hands Obeying the orders to do this or do that My every rebellion already orchestrated
In India are sacred hidden pools
  Easy Rebecca Sidoti 2014  
Want, want, want words wishing I want to overdose on premature nostalgia
A plague A disease Of my mind
  Oh shepherd of three-odd billion years bring 3’oclock coffee for its paragon   For the light slants at an angle at this hour it is redshifting, in the atmospheric ether
I wanna act like you're gonna understand what I'm trying to say and relate But truth is empathy seems to be dying, wasting, and endangered We're all facing different demons No one to go to
There's a monster. It doesn't live under my bed, Or make the floorboards creak at night. It doesn't tap at the window, Or make eerie sounds. It doesn't cast shadows on the wall, Or grope at my throat.
To you whom-- has my heart I seek in you, my whole desire. But she punctured you, thy dart. we speak, my love, in quiet words. with words we must not leak for she will come and tarnish you
nervous and edgy you look at her
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
Je t'aime, mon amour I love you, my love  Je t'adore, mon amour I adore you my love  Let us dance in the moonlight Let us sing to the night 
You are my sanctuaryYou are my love
I feel it.   Burning from within A rumbling desire Images and scenes flash by in my head Your hands all over me   Everywhere.   All lips and tongue On me, in me  
What is a want and need compared to a desire? i want money, need air,but you i desire for you are the one i want to acquire the one i want to see after work when im tired
Screw the people who break us down so much, that we become senseless and open If that’s an opportunity, damn, love, just consider me your token Let’s strip the truth of all its beauty
Patient #: Mr./Mrs. Wants-To-Recover ID #:  02012544...No longer wishes to suffer Diagnosis: Part of me torn asunder due to one silly little blunder   Physical Therapist: Nathan D. Optimist
Days, Weeks, Months, They pass. And I wait. I wait on you. I wait on a FaceTime,  A call, Some word. But you don't call. You don't FaceTime, You send no word.
Truly enchanting rhythms chasing my heart
cold, crisp air the night sky, a  navy bluefabric specled with tiny dimonds streatching across the horizon your chest firm and warm on my chapped cheek chat presses against it
You are the ache in the pit of my stomach that keeps me awake at night You are the flowers that sway In the wind at midday You are the dream that keeps me in a daze
  Hey! You! Over there!! I am talking to you.
Balancing on a cobbled walk I go,
From the moment I saw you every breath in my body escaped every thought that had crossed my mind completely vanished Just as the walls began to cave in And just as the sunlight
I want to go deep in your thoughts and explore every inch of your mind
Waiting on a corner for my loved one. Time seemed to go by like cars that just passed. Staring across the street ready to run. If only the rain did not fall so fast. Raindrops poking my face machining me cry.
I don't need countless kisses under bursting skies I want embraces on drab Monday mornings   I don't need my heart to tango under your heat
Miss Doctor Professor Mrs. Teacher Mister, Can I show you how much your class means to me 20 years from now? Let me get up and walk out the door Because every second that hangs himself, by his big red hand,
If I told you that I wanted to make you the happiest girl in the world would you believe me?
Petrified air sits frozen in the sweltering, deserted city of sand. Its horizon the same in all directions, rural settings look crowded to this muted kingdom.
It provokes her tongue; it wants to lick her lips, to slither about inside her mouth, nuzzling her cheeks in circles and lightly stroking the backs of her teeth. A sweet breath tingles her taste buds, like a piece of minty, fresh spearmint gum.
I run for me, and not for you. It's time to improve myself, and be the person I want to be. I lift because it makes me stronger, and gives me power. Every muscle cramp fuels me to go harder.
My body aches. I sweat. My muscles hurt. I sweat. Exersice causes me to sweat I sweat out my pains, and my fears I sweat, to feel.
Our love was perfect tonight. It sparkled, danced radiantly, so right. The eyes that saw our treasured bond knew we were sincere and fond. You took my hand and didn't let go,
The sweetest cookie, My favorite cookie, Where did that spice come from? When did the moon begin to smoke? Smoke of freedom, smoke of lust, Tell me cookie, where can I go?  
  I see nothing Nothing but her I just stare And she’s beautiful Her soft eyes stare cautiously And her hair falls It’s always falling Soft skin Pure- not a flaw
  Walls are fallen Words come alive Memories are seen History is broken Future is forgotten Emotions are meaningless
How is it possible for me to miss you like this?All I want is your embrace and one more kiss.Then another and another and I won't let you leave.Every second you're away is every second I grieve.I must confess, I'm obsessedBut when you're with me I
Living Day by day Wanting more and more as we grow older Not realizing that our present possesions are plenty   Feeding off our ungratefulness unconciously occuring at all moments around us
My vice is her eyes; Pale-blue, two frozen moons. I am powerless.   May I find shelter, In you? I am brisk and bleak. I am December.   I am drowning in Her cerulean maelstrom.
Butterflies In the Night Drift Away Without a Fight Lose Myself Lost in You Wondering why But Such a Pretty View No more sadness No more pain? Watch That Blood
Thoughts of her Dripping into my sternum From all the way up there In my brain Where she has implanted herself   Like an alien egg    
I want you to smile and laugh  to relish in the sunlight and love by the moonlight. I want you to visit my dusty bookshelf and read my favorite book and try to understand why it speaks to me.
Sometimes I wake up by the door & catch me waiting for you, even when I know you won't be there. It's this hope that I hold, that one day you will be standing at my door.
I used to believe in 11:11 wishes,  Used to dream of midnight kisses,  I believed in these things and much more,  But all that was in a time long, long, before,  Before the boy ripped at my chest, 
Theology twisted, robbing the poor Sick religions have the saints misunderstood U.S. economy in it for self Rich stiff necked scholars still seeking knowledge But graduated from a top Ivy League college
Sun shines down like fire. Trembling desire, My heart beats and beats and beats. And beats And beats And beats
7...8...9... It's been 9 days since your hand slipped through my finger tips. 9 days since I've last felt the bliss of your warm embrace. 9 days of thinking of time edged in moments that we solemnly spent together.
As you walk onto the stage,  Your body is trembling, shaking;  Stomach is in knots   Looking into the crowd,  So many eyes are on you,  As you stay composed and graceful   
We'll be here until the end of time, let's not leave love behind, let's be kind, clean the earth, make it shine, because our world is so fine, everything is beautiful, keep an open mind,
It takes hours but it's worth every second, To see the fruit of your labor grow with the effort you put in, To even give in a minute before your work is legit? When trouble finds you, start spittin all over it.
I love the way your eyes crinkle up each time you start to laugh, the way you smiled boldly, slyly at me when you caught me staring. I loved the way you blushed even more though, quickly averting your eyes,
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Yet my heart flutters, my gut repulses.I crave his company and voice,even though every mutter of his breath will be of her.The way his lips move when he speaks,oh it melts me to the core with crave.
They make it seem so easy, to just get up and leave. I get really excited and I start planning on leaving myself. Then I remember that I can’t. Well, perhaps I could. But I don’t have the courage to just up and leave.
Desires are a deep thirst Always there Water quenches   Dreams are saltwater Appear to quench in the end  only worsen   Taking hopes Twisting them  
I reflect. I dream. I speak. I desire.  How does it even compare? A broken heart? A summer's day? They are all the same. We wander. We drift. We run. We crave.
Feel the touch of the desert sun Warming along our flesh Egyptian cotton touching me the passion grows internally a kiss egniting the flames breathless like a drowning child Blinded by red and gold
There’s this dream growing inside me and it’s taking over my heart. And it’s more than 15 minutes of fame, or the dream of a better start. There’s this growing need emerging to be more than what I am.
Your skin as soft as silk The color glows like a star –lit sky Warm, caramel essence Awakens my soul, body, and mind.  
Joy is brought when lost dreams are found The life of yesterday buried  six feet underground Today, rise higher and strike the bell Even disturbing memories cannot quell, Our satisfaction   
Fitness is more than a way to shed fat and pounds It is more than being healthy and active It is more than trying to extend your life and live it healthily What is fitness to me? Fitness is a life style
My soul is downcast from fighting in the flesh. So far and distant, a glimpse of You is what I need. As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You.
Don’t be fooled by the innocent Smile that’s been glued on This face, papier-mâchéd with scraps Of porcelain and love Poems and kindness Around a cage of demands To be pure.
Actors dressed as animalsWashing their dishes in a sink that could electrocute me and doing it anyway to prove that I would.Frankenstein monsters forcing us to be their wivesWe shoot them and light them on fire but they’re still alive.Watching peo
The desire to receive is to receive the desire. Only the mind knows what the heart yearns and only the heart knows what the mind needs. The body desires a simple touch. The mind endures your deepest thoughts,
A wise old man made a simple decree:he told me that the best things in life are free.If I'm to be humble and grateful, at ease,I know to acquire that college degree.The stress and the pressure,
perfect as always moved toward a blinding light seek fast the individual who knew perfection was so frail   blemished as always so beautiful all eyes on me seek faster the the two
Once upon a star we jumped in love While intertwining our hearts desires Lovers together defining dependence Keeping in time with destiny Dreams pull apart the future Passion prolongs fate near my soul
In the dark sky No one hears her cry There's no one to call Her tears continue to fall Her broken heart Is a work of art
The red glow of the sun beat heavily on the barren sky. Cloud might have blocked it from view but the glow of its aura could be seen faintly in the sky, as heat manifested the air.
Evey kiss is imprinted upon my lips I can still feel the heat of you Living on in the memory of a touch An unbelievable softness The velvet of you lips Covering a barley leashed passion
If I knew what my ancestors were like. If I knew which ancestor I take after the most. That's what I have always wanted to know.
My parents always told me to further my education, But they never told me that people wouldn't accept it They told me to love other, But they never told me they wouldn't love me
I don't know what to do. You don't look at me, The same way I look at you. I don't know what to do. To think it had only begun, And already, we're through. I don't know what to do.
A decade is a long time; it could not be made up for the past time. Depression is walking through my mind, and it makes me go blind. My crying heart is not healed; it still suffers from its open sealed.
These Hateful Hands and its Hateful Heart A galaxy of thoughts Rushing through my head As my trembling, pitiful hands Sought what was ahead
I need you. You with your smile that light up my whole world.
Heavy hearts filled with heavy stones, We try to walk tall against the pain, Thrashing in thick mud as we tread along, the fog is smug and unforgiving, clouding our vision.
Only in a nation With the world at your fingers, Can you lack consideration And fuel bottom feeders. You can see anything, Read anything, Be anything, But the only thing you want
Do you think the politics matter? Do you think that whoever takes the big chair will determine if your family is fed tomorrow?
You look at me with eyes that Don't know the truth You look at me with eyes that Will not acknowledge the truth Because the truth is, I'm in love with you I'm in love with you and, She'll always know
I fear for the future and what it may become for I am lost in a time warp and fight to not succumb to fall into the pressures of what society wants me to see to trade in my morals and dignity...that's what they want me to be.
I fear for the future and what it may become for I am lost in a time warp and fight to not succumb to fall into the pressures of what society wants me to see to trade in my morals and dignity...that's what they want me to be
So I been alone, left out of this world, without knowing were to go but trying to consider what is left of this world.
The glow you left After you left my room Lingered on like The smell of a perfume.
Gonna dive head first in this murky pool of wonder. Gonna keep one eye closed, one eye open. For fear of seeing the unknown, and excitement of discovering new dreams.
A blazon radiates from above Upon the barren, bleak cave Where reminiscent of lost love Reflects within mystic waves.
Some people say love doesnt exist Others say it is only found between a man and woman if thats true then whats this im feeling for a woman Butterflies in result to that sweet sound i call ur voice
Sometimes its good To know what you want in life To have a direction And a purpose in living But then again It burns inside And brings tears to your eyes When that vision is threatened
Silent days Filled with clattering Thoughts Lonely desires Passions stretched over my eyelids like Spandex pants one size too small
It was early December when I first met him. He was a little timid at first, He hid under the seat until the lights went dim. He was as horrible as a curse. I loved him.
There you see, He comes a'knocking, Wind is blowing, house a'rocking. To know! To know what parcel He brings, Would entice the greatest of kings. His walk is strong, His stride is sure,
I am a strange stirring in the night, the way you feel when you’ve just awoken from a dream, the tension of your misplaced affection.
I am the breath of life in everyone If not for me there would be nothing new In present, past, and future I can run Under my protection is where earth grew
No words Just sweet adoration Obvious attraction Simply complex ideas
You’re distant, a behavior I wouldn’t usually accept The thought of you has consumed my mind Confusion arises, I have yet to truly witness your emotions Please don’t leave me dangling, only to fall
As our eyes meet, a waterfall's worth of emotions rush into my body as never before Yours as well as mine The varying emotions send me into a whirlwind of thoughts
I’m from that delicious solitude. It looks crowded in the happiest times, and empty when sadness crawls.
Imagine standing on greatness The world is wild but you will find a way to tame it Be shameless, cause it's only those that are crazy enough to believe they can change things That end up famous
Bent over sweating, breathing with intention, fluid running down your face, desire pumping through your veins. only looking forward, but not further than tomorrow, exhaustion is on its way,
Ice as black as coal, trees with black, brown souls walls caving in, and ceilings breaking down lost in a world of an upside down town looking for direction, introspection for correction,
Like many summer months in bloom, promising life, light, love When the sun would hug you in its warmth and caress your hopes with gentle rays of bright light and subtle praise
I realized today that I don’t love you. It’s kinda sad to say, but I know it’s true. I ran away from this, because you’re the one who. Saved me.
Love is us Sometimes i think words have difference definitions because love is you. When i look in your eyes its like im on vacation sitting by the pool like your eyes are blue.
Times a wasting and I'm running out of patience then again more like out of time. The clock tells the story and lipstick on the glass still there so you remain on mind.
I’m writing this poem because I thought of you Sometimes I don’t know what to do All I ever do, is think about you Somewhere deep inside my heart You always know how to make it start I know we may be miles apart
You know i can't live without you I know this can be a clue I will do anything for you My heart is in your hand I hope that will forever stand You’re someone special to me Like it was meant to be
The night sings its lullaby as the dreamer falls asleep. She dreams of a sweet surprise, faster her heart seems to beat She wakes up to the glowing stars that are painted across the sky;
She's standing there, all alone... She doesn't know where to go. Can you hear her crying? Can't you see the way she's dying!? He was lying, she was trying, but all that happened was this fighting!
Your short, im tall Your hearts big, mines small You make me laugh, sometimes im cry You like to smoke, so we get high I tell you things, you always listen Were almost their but somethings missin
I noticer her in my dreams, I find her in my mind, Only true beauty I see with my own two eyes. Love is the key, The key to my destiny, providing the beat to our everlasting eternity.
I want to be lain in the skies above… Endlessly floating into oblivion beside a million dying stars. I long to be cradled by the billowing mists and blanketed by the sun’s rays… Kissing and marking my bare shoulders
November's cold night illuminates my chest. Deep breaths include the faint smell of bbq and secondhand smoke.
Desire; Longing, wanting. That internal yearning one feels. Something we all chase after But is always out of our reach. We try to satisfy our avidity, But does it ever really work?
To be someone's inspiration, desire and success. To be their muse, have a connection and inner bliss. A sentimental passion, I want that.
A dark room, with candles glowing Her heart beats fast, then ever so slowly. Small steps taken, unknown to whats ahead But a man who is desired, in only her bed.
In the realm of gods and men Man shall prosper, god will end Broken mind, strong will is bent Soul is freed, body now spent So stand and pretend And embrace as if friends.
It’s much too dangerous to think about passion.
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