I suppose I just knew,

You never told me what to do

There were no "directions"

For the heat of my affections,

My heart just beat 

While your lips tasted sweet

On my own.


My hands were sweaty

But you held me steady

Fingers curled in your pitch black hair

Light on your skin,

Oh so fair

Tantalizing touch

I want much, much more


Your want fuels mine, a mess of desire

The room heats up in our lust, our thrilll, kindling for the fire,

Faster, Faster, don't go too slow

It's you my dear that I want to know

Fists in the blankets

Noises a duet

Slick skin ever closer


You know that's what I'd prefer,

Not this monotony

As you stare with pained eyes and talk to me

'Letting me go' you say?

Won't you just stay for one more day?


Desperate, begging, aching inside

Dead my darling, I'm no longer alive

Cold, gray, numb

As you tell me we're done

Where are your wanting hands?

And easy smiles?

The beguiling grins

That pulled me in,

Where did they go?





I'm left here as the Oak door slams

No longer dear, honey, baby


I'm just Sam




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