A Glimpse of You

My soul is downcast from fighting in the flesh.

So far and distant, a glimpse of You is what I need.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You.

I am lost in a dry land without direction, with no destination,

No one to come to my rescue.

I desperately thirst for the living water,

Pure like the river in heaven that floods from the throne of God bringing life.

We've meet before,

You used to visit me in my dreams,

 but how long ‘till you speak to me again?

Day and night, I longed to see Your face,

I cry out loud for Your embrace.

Forever until we meet again I will yearn for a delight encounter with the Almighty.

So, when can I go and meet with You again?

My soul thirsts for a glimpse of the living God.

(Psalm 42)






Hey, thanks for the feedback ;) this poem was just a draft as I faced difficult times but yes, this poem was inspired by Psalms songs, describing the love of God and absence of His presence through tribulations. By a “glimpse” I’m referring to an encounter with God.  I made some changes to it. Mind reading it again? I would love to hear back from you again.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i agree that the psalm was an inspiration

great reflection on your encounters

continue to build and expand your horizon

Mafi Grey

This was really good, keep doing you.

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