It is Dangerous

Subconsciousness of memories flashing back as a motion picture

The moments of momentary stillness

The glances of the past

The destined state of forgetfulness

Is a voyage I have not traveled yet

Existing right now is the ship that sails with my future 

That will land among a land of memories soon withdrawn


Devotion to not letting go

Is a superior rope that will only weaken and

Resume getting frayed 


Animosity of my ship sailing 

Doesn’t make the sea any less fearful 

The passage still has to be trailed

And the sea still has to be conquered


The last stop shall not be the last

But only the last stop is of the present of where I lived


The zestful emotions that control my interior thoughts

Will not retreat into the shadows of our distance

If you are the lighthouse of the sky


You are the supplier of wind beneath my wings

But my wings are filled with holes 

That are half patched with concrete


You are the jackhammer that never stops

Pounding into my heart 

Giving it a reason to pump

Like the legs of a bicyclist

Who is determined to be a champion 


Water being absorbed in my roots as I 

Quench my need for the love that I have lost

Desperately fixating on my dehydration


Until I saw my rope being stitched

My sea growing calm

The light shining from the lighthouse 


Until I felt the wind at full blow

Pushing me to the finish line 

As I try to bike my way across the ocean 

With wings on my back


Only made possible by you. 

But that is only one side to you.


Water flourishing from the sky and 

Crashing into the land with the anger of revenge

seeping into the cracks that demand to be filled

Aching to be filled

Overflowing to drown all of the regrets ever made

Washing away at the sins of the creators

Quenching the seeds of hate

But fueling a fire that can't be put out







Deposition of the thing that once gave me life

Is creating a pit of hell 

That can't

Can't be crossed without


Or drowning in the disgust of human nature


My lungs asking to be fueled with the air 

That is full of clouds from the storm of the century

Making a hurricane of fire 

As I drown and burn


Lighting the way for another

For somebody at the end of the tunnel 

That will never finish their lives in light as I die

As the fire burns out 

Leaving darkness yet again

As the hurricane keeps raging war

Against the soul that seeks forgiveness


The weakness of the life I have lived only

Being eaten alive 

A vulture has attacked my kidneys 

Leaving me vulnerable to just one

Spoonful of sugar


Now the taste buds request more

But I know that death will await me

For the fire is out

And the cave is filling

Wind is brewing, waves are crashing

Thrashing me 

The human till he can't get the taste of sugar out of my mouth







Of never wanting to be taken down 

Like a bull seeing red and wanting to kill for the right of freedom

That is my sugar you see


To live a life with anger 






Is a life of love 

A burning hurricane making light to lead somebody 

Stuck in a cave of darkness

That is love my friend


And it is


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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