Broken Desire

Desire. My desire. Your desire.


Something that can hold you so tight but will so easily make you lose your mind.


It's something that haunts you day and night, in your dreams, during the day, you just can't let go. I mean you try.

You pray it away, think it away, speak positively against it but a desire just can't be lifted away.... On your own. Your arms are too short and your mind is too wrapped up, the seed is already planted and has already manifested.


You try not to cry cause you realize that the tears just water the seed.  And you try to cover it up with the dirt but science tells you that seeds germinate in the dark moist soil. So you sit and wait, wait for a moment of deliverance. You wait for the sun to burn away the little leaves that has sprouted, but you have another gloomy day.

My broken desire.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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