The Unfettered Mind


Butterflies seek shelter amidst the wind 

Spreading their wings in the light

And it helps me to pass the time

Into the quiet and rain-tattered night


It is best to mourn what cannot be

Than to spend the years, desperately pining

But I must say it brings a smile

The way you just keep shining


I'm strong enough to let it be

And wise enough to let it go

But all the ways you inspire me

Mean more than you'll ever know


So I'm going on a journey

To clear this haunted head

To find that inner music 

That song that sings instead


To lift me from this density

To echo as if in speech

To release me from intensity

That I shall never reach 


And I hope that it is nurtured 

So you blossom full and free 

In the sacred space within you

That cannot be known by me 


And I shall spread my limbs 

To carry me in the wind 

For all that is left wanting

Time shall only mend 


For connection is the purpose 

Where the many shine as one

For life is open before me 

And mine has just begun 


This time, space and incarnation

Have revealed to me what may take ages 

But I'm willing to play my part 

To release you from your cages 


As time shall carry on 

I'll find the path less traveled 

For a kindness has released me 

From what could never have unraveled 


And I send to her my gratitude 

Her heart reflects my own 

There is rapture in the mystery 

The chances yet unknown 


I know I'll be just fine 

For gentle is the destiny 

And to the one who helped me shine 

You brought out the best in me 


I'll find the journey's end 

When time has disappeared 

And love replaced each thing 

I never knew I feared 


I'll plant the seeds of beauty 

In every heart I meet 

To grow until they're ready 

To rest their weary feet 


For kindness is the way 

The message in the mirror 

And love is not mere means 

By which we may see clearer 


But love is all there is 

What was and what shall be 

For all that lives in you 

Sleeps quietly in me


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