Silent Chaos

Silent days
Filled with clattering
Lonely desires
Passions stretched over my eyelids like
Spandex pants one size too small

Lips, tight and firm
Forgotten and unused
Drink water eat food
Chap stick and water

What are you doing today?
Tasks and movements
Accomplished simply to be scratched off
Scribbled away on
Jam-packed checklists

Striving for neatness
Tidy lives that go unfulfilled
In reality, nothing but chaos
Love and hate it at the same time
Searching for what makes us
Feel whole

Don’t lose yourself
It’s a busy place

Challenge the unexpected
Defy expectations
Never give up

It’s all up to you
Silent lips
Which hold the key to your precious thoughts
Who will you tell today?

Who has time for talking
When there’s no one there
To listen
But yourself, and God.
Save your breath but don’t lose your mind

It’s a busy place
Time is ticking

Breath, taken for granted
Only loved by those who care
Who have nothing to do
But think
About that which they care to think about

Lips, only used on occasion
Special ones
Phone calls to mom
Meeting with friends
While fingers talk all the while

Voice that shocks me
What is this?
Beauty that remains hidden
So much to offer

It’s a busy place.
Let your lips speak
But don’t lose your voice

Nor your mind


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