If I Told You...Would You Believe Me?


If I told you that I wanted to make you the happiest girl in the world would you believe me?

Would you hand me the reigns to your heart and trust me to guide you to a better place?
Would you give me the instructions to piece back together your bruised and tattered heart?

If I told you I was here to keep you safe would you trust me?

Trust me enough to confide in me the things you can't with anyone else?
Would you lean and rest on me when you felt weak?
Would you allow me to hold you up even when you're strong?
Would you trust me to be your support?

If I told you that I wanted to hold you up high above all the rest of them,
That I wanted to show you off like the queen that you are,
To polish up and let you shine bright like the star that you are...
Would you let me?

If I told you that I'm going to be that guy that will do anything and everything for you. No, not for a thank you, no kudos, or an I love you. But just to see your beautiful smile...
My love, would you believe me?


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