Princess Cara and Sir Arthur
Approached a fork in the path.
She jumped from her stallion,
Scuffing her feet,
Her veil swishing behind her,
As she rushes to the right side.
"Princess Cara!" called Sir Arthur.
"Do you not remember your kingdom,
your people, your home?
Where would they be without you?"
"This home you speak of
is not there anymore.
It has moved into the earth,
and I know when I'll be there
because a sign carved from stone
will bear:
“Here lies Prince Leo
A man beloved in life,
His memory never growing old,
To know him
Was to love him,
May he be in peace
For all eternity."
Sir Arthur trembled and sighed,
"To know him
was to love him,
and you knew him best.
But my princess,
you have sworn
that your hand for this kingdom
will not be at rest.
The maids admire your warmth,
the scribes adore your words,
the lords adhere your wisdom.
Princess, princess,
your duty and desire
are torn in half."
"I'll be back, Sir Arthur,
I'll be back.
My people can wait,
they are not stirring at this hour,
not this late."
And just like that 
Princess Cara,
Her gown flittering
In the sliver of starlight,
Melted into the fog.
She lays in the dirt,
Clutching lilies and roses
And watering them
With her eyes.
The night does not dare
Invite the sun;
The moon is all she ever needs.
Her Prince Leo,
A man beloved in death.
Her lungs growing old,
She whispers into the stone,
"I am yearning
to be in two places
at one time,
but I am only one body.
My dear,
I am no savior or knight.
I cannot rescue myself.
I will always be torn,
Yet my heart is always whole
when I'm with you."
A voice
Lighter than mist,
Breathing through wind,
Rustling tree leaves,
And circling the moon,
Whispers into her ears,
"To know you
Is to love you
And I --
I know you best.
May you be in one piece
For all eternity." 


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