In Rhapsody with you: An Accumulation of Thoughts (Part one)

Sat, 02/12/2022 - 22:38 -- Zanies

      Touching you lightly

hold my hand, darling

with you, there's a better me

you're perfect the way you are

     Your smile making light brighter

your voice makes sound sweeter

your hands make touch warmer

as I look at them looking at you 

I say, "That's my sweet boy."

     The excitment of calling you mine

smiling and dancing to be yours

swearing love is forever, proving it one day at a time

remebering our first kiss under the neon painted roof

remebering our confusion and the way my heart melted

life holds me tight, but you hold me tighter

     As you hold me tight I beg for this never to end

don't let me go, don't let me down

be my light, be my dark

be my dull, be my spark

be my soul, be my heart

be my world, and be mine

     You are my happiness 

you are my joy

you are my first thought in the morning

you are my dreams at night

you are my peaceful wave in a wild, unforgiving sea

your heartbreak is my melody as I sing

     I do not wish to burden you with continuos writing 

I do not dare to announce your identity

I do not consider making you unknown

Private, but not secret it what I shall call this

until you reveal yourself, mi cielito lindo

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Wheres p2


Being drafted, my love. I'm almost done with it...


Being drafted, my love. I'm almost done with it...

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