Spring, summer, fall, winter

Joy, passion, love, reality

Seasons and emotions are one in the same

Everybody has a favorite season

Everybody has their own reason

But the one thing that stays true

No matter who

Is that every season you’ll change too.

That joyous spring and a new fling, 

Leads to a hot lusty passionate summer

Ultimately falling for each other in the fall

As cliche as it may be 

Winter snaps you back to reality

Heartache and heartbreak

Calls and text, yet no response.

You’re just hoping 

You can get it together and move on..

See I’m a different breed

A dude who’s not afraid to put himself out

On front street

For that one girl, 

yeah, the one from his dreams

I may be scared of rejection

As you, as anybody with emotion

Only difference is my hearts already broken

I’m cold hearted and have my guard up

But I let it down for you

Told my heart to turn the heat up

Because you keep my mind racing

But I’m scared you won’t keep up

Fear is a natural reaction for multiple reasons. 

At this moment I’m scared of the seasons..

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