I relinquish running away,

Whatever I do, I feel astray.

Sensing jinxed from head to toe,

Now it’s time to face my foe.


From all the undying tears I’ve shed;

Though unseen, my heart has bled.

There are times I wish I could just be.

My desideratum is an invisible me.


And that cruel, selfish thing called fate,

Is gluttonous of making sorrow dilate,

And your head, mind, and heart ache.

Leading you to feel and hope you’re unawake.


What happened to me, I will not say.

This is the end; I’m fed up from the day.

We’ll step up and walk out to the dais.

From now, my fear, I will not raise.


Instead, our felicity will grow,

Our lives will cease to carry woe.

We, who have overcome fate’s cruel twists,

Are ready, hands curled into fists.


We will not inflict damages on human,

But the hardships, which broke down our numen.

We’ll be free; we speak, as one and all.

This problem now shall never thrall.


Hand in hand we’ll take a step,

Life will no longer be a schlep.

We’ll all shout for liberty,

    Until granted; out of captivity.   

This poem is about: 
Our world


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