Chasing the High

After allowing a little space

     for the light to spread

all hands raveled faster than I thought...


They should have been on her

     all night.


This pertinacious pursuit of one continued

     through day into night

     and through night into day

producing the wonderful skill of

     experience and invincile confidence.


This lead to a simple observation

that will pretty accurately foretell both

     the direction as well as the probable rate of progression.


In these cases:


Somewhat as when a pilot is losing sight

of a general trend he well knows

    and desires shortly to return to again


So, in every pace, does he

     with watches in hand,

time his rate

     just as doctors that of a baby's pulse.


But to render this at all successful

in the end,

the wind and the sea must be allies.


Touching the chase

are many collateral subtle matters,

but this swift mania will

creep up one's leg to tingle the heart.


The frenzies of the chase will,

by this time,

be worked bublingly up

like old wine anew.


Whatever pale fears and forebodings

some may have felt before

were now kept out of sight.

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