Unexplored Places


He navigates my body with his hands, sending millions of electric currents deep into my skin, and into my bloodstream, heating up everything in its path.And as I tentatively watch him walk into me and crash into my soul I break into a million pieces.I collapse with delicious delight into his hands. And we dance together in rhythm with the music.Hands in his hair, growls to the air. We commit and we twist and turn into unbreakable knots.Charge and ignite with fiery passion and thirst for more.And slowly we melt and twist. Intertwining our souls through every touch, kiss and nibble. Brown eyes glare at me with fiery passion.His hands yell my name, and my body does nothing except demand.Twisting and churning speaking of truths and deep hidden secrets.His future my past, and our present laid out unto the white veil of desire. Our hands move through the map of our bodies.Touching, sensing, reading the depths of me I am his Braille.And I set sail into the deep sea of pleasure.Taking control he rises me up to the most total high igniting and setting my soul into flames.Letting my essence crumble and disintegrate.Seeing our souls crystal clear we fall and mold into one.Where I am his and he is only mine.Where my essence has been tattooed unto his identity and where he becomes my oxygen, my strict necessity. Finding himself thinking of me when his mind wonders off to unexplored places. Finding me tucked deep into his subconscious panting and wanting.Moving quickly instilling confidence and pure serene love into me.Injecting redemption from my sins into body.I let loose and let him take me and guide into a world never known before.Where one can wonder, wish and discover ones true self through brown passionate glaring eyes.  


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