Desire Is Never Satisfied


United States
28° 3' 36.3312" N, 81° 42' 7.578" W

Longing, wanting.
That internal yearning one feels.
Something we all chase after
But is always out of our reach.
We try to satisfy our avidity,
But does it ever really work?
We love, we hate, we do irrational things,
Thinking it'll quench our thirst.
However, you and I both know
It never works.
Because, one does not truly know
What they desire.
So, one will always feel
The pain of unsatisfaction.
In turn, our fascination grows even more
And we'll indulge ourselves in what we think we want.
And ignore the fact
that what we may truly desire
Is right in front of us.
But we may never realize it.


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