Dreams to Be

Her mind tunes to Rameau as She dissects the Earth,From Her solemn seat in the gardens of Eiffel.Pondering mysteries She has wondered since birth, A usual trait of Athena’s DiscipleShe eyes each lone soul with the keenness of KantAnd wonders their fate, where such stories may lead?As empereur, president, names masses will chant?Or murderers, bankers, motivated by greed?  She then looks up, envisioning new lives and dreams.Of the free girl standing on the mountain’s peakWhere she claims the sky in its golden beams.Or the brave girl below on the green forest floorWhere she, like Brahe, eyes the stars in their peace.And the caged girl who peers, through the lens of her room,At the twilight's above; her woes will soon cease Envy for them feels the Daughter of Athena.Who bask in the wonders only nature can give.And to do just that, without the cancer of man, Which distorts all the beauty of nature that is, Would fulfill the desires of Her manifest planBut for this Special Girl, and Her aspirationsMore valued than gems, deserves all adoration. 

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