Cocaine Insane

I drag you in and kick you back out, dropping you from your high
you enjoy it when you're near me though I'll be the reason you'll die
You inhale me, I infect your blood stream
Seeping into your pores
Until you crave me
Begging me...
for more  My snow white complexion is a reflection
of the purity I was cut with.
Upon our first encounter, you said
"I'll Hit it then Quit it."
But you played my dark elusive game
and now
your addicted.  I fuel your body with cruel craving sensations.
You lie to yourself saying you don't need me
Your mental adaptation to my tantalizing temptations.
You have no patience when it comes to me
and your next fix.  You are a drug sick lunatic.
Who's gone cocaine insane.
You're so reliant on me.
Every human thing about you
has morphed into inhumane. You can not think without me
for I am your brain.
You are an emotional wreck without me
for I dull your pain.
You hate me and you love me
this you cannot explain.  You think I regain a piece of what you've lost
the innocence and ignorance of bliss that you've lost
I exhaust your five senses
until everything that is you and  your reality becomes glossed
over.  With what I want you too see.  I'll never be what you want me to be.
I will never be a remedy
For your broken childhood memories.  am cocaine and I'm driving you insane.
Rotting your brain and destroying your veins.
Seeping into your pores until you are begging me.
Begging me for more.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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