Thu, 12/21/2017 - 21:57 -- jxxh

I feel a spark inside

it ignites when i feel your

lips on mine.


I see the look in your eyes

when your fingertips press against

the curvature of my neck.


There is warmth

that excudes between us like the hot

breath that escapes our lips when we kiss.


I feel my back arch as you 

play pretty little songs out from between

my aching lips.


Your bright eyes roll back

when I let my fingertips indent

down the sides of your back.


My cheeks burn brighter

than candlelight when you

tell me you want me.


Because you don't have to

I already knew from the way

you would steal glances at me.


You may have just stolen my heart

but you've also just stolen

what was left of my mind.


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