Little girls are happy

Because they don’t know what’s really going on,

The mere truth of what’s wrong

The parents paint a perfect picture,

Sing a little song and everything’s okay,



Little girls grow up, a little lonely
They don’t know what’s up
And the question comes up,
“Mommy where’s daddy?”


Like always, Mommy doesn’t have an answer,

The answer she’s been longing for…

The answer is just not right

Well at least not in her eyes


Little girls start to hate and act up

But, they’re not little anymore

They know what’s up


Little girl,

She’s been taught to pray

And act like everything’s okay,

When she’s really broken and torn


The tears start to form

And she’s feeling every bit of the storm,

She rapidly seeks another way out

To release the pain from her heart

What an unhappy start for that girl

What a messed up world, she thinks

But they’re more important things

So she finds her voice and begins to sing


Maybe she’ll never find what belongs to her
Maybe she’ll never find what she’s been looking for


But daddy thinks everything’s okay,
That there’s no pain
That she’s just being who she is today,
A teenager; that’s the name
But it’s not true
And the girl, once little,
Is feeling a type of way
But tears have been made
And talks have been done
And still, nothing will ever be the same
What a shame, she thinks


Daddy doesn’t care because he has a new family
Everything is fine in his mentality
And as she grows, feelings start to go away
Tired of all the pain, she begins to fade away
Into a cloud of darkness, a keen hardness
In her


So she’s bold and she dares shed a tear
For she knows it brings more fear


No light in her to smile
No love in her to hug
So she carries on….


The story continues
Yet it is unwritten


However, it’s almost too late
She’s a big girl now
What she wants will never come her way


But, besides the pain,
The suffering she obtained,
Unwillingly, that is
She still loves her daddy
She loves his family
But, there will always be
that unspoken pain
So with no delay, she runs away
And runs and runs and runs.



Please don't run from the pain:(. Instead continuously pray and ask God to give you a way to be free from this pain. Please don't be like the old me. I held in the pain of my father not being a good dad for years and it ended up ruining me from the inside out. I can't be in a relationship right now in fear of a man hurting me like my father did. I pushed away the only guy who truly loved me in this world because of the pain I held in my heart. Now he is making some other girl his wife while I'm sitting hear alone trying to piece my life together with God. For the sake of a good future, pray that pain away and trust in God to give you a way. Just don't give up and run away. God bless and keep writing on my friend!!!

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