Waiting For Love

Some people may tell me that I am crazy, but no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to let you go,

Because I haven't seen you in over three months, and I think about you all the time, and I wish there was a way to let you know, 

All of the conversations that we had, I remember them word for word as if we just spoke yesterday,

And in my mind, I wish there was a way to see you and relive those conversations everyday.

The way your eyes twinkled when the sun hit them, the way your dimple showed when you smiled always melted my heart,

And I know that you can be insecure, but I wish there was a way that I could show you that you are a beautiful work of art.

For someone so young, you have a maturity about you that I have never seen in another guy,

And I think it is so cute how you would only talk to me when I initiated the conversation, but other than that, you can be pretty shy.

I loved the way that you always talked about your friends and family, and discussed how much they meant to you,

And when you stood up for me, it showed that what you had to say was actually true. 

I know I told you that I could never be with someone who was so much younger than me, 

But you made me realize that age is just a number and I opened my eyes and I could finally see.

You made me feel like there was someone there who wanted to know all of the little details about my life's story,

In the end, I realized that all I really wanted was for someone to listen, and you gave me that glory.

I don't know how you felt when I said that I could never be with something so much younger than I, but in a way I hope it made you sad,

Because that would mean that maybe you felt the same way, and in the end, that would make me glad.

You had this way aobut you that always made me feel secure in myself and made me excited to see you everyday,

And for the first time in a long time, I was comfortable with you, and I wasn't struggling to find something to say.

Since there is an age difference between us, and I thought nothing could happen between us, I allowed myself to get close,

And I have such a guard up, and that is something that I fear the most.

I regret never saying anything to you again, because I hoped that you wanted me to,

But maybe that was something that you didn't want me to do.

It will take a lot of courage, but I need to say something because I can't get you off my mind,

Because I realized that the connection we had is not something that is easy to find.  




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