Unbinding Mental Slavery

I wanna act like you're gonna understand what I'm trying to say and relate

But truth is empathy seems to be dying, wasting, and endangered

We're all facing different demons

No one to go to

My mind pulsing with thoughts

Alone with no distractions, I am left with silence

Silence kills, there's no escaping myself

I can't seem to get these worries, burdens, memories, troubles out of my head

I try to extinguish the flame, I breathe in positive thoughts only to be quickly exhaled 

I never felt like there was someone who would listen, empathize, repair

How can you repair someone so deeply rooted in hurt and pain

Masked with smiles and temporary happiness

I can spot someone doing the same

I notice it all around me, I see more and more people each day fighting, surviving

Finding reasons to keep going

I want to help

I want better for others

Reduce their pain, listen to their thoughts, slowly repair

Prevent someone from feeling the way I do

I want to be that person someone can go to

If I could get that chance to sit in that chair with you

Help you get over your fears, troubles, and habits

If I could stop what's racing through your mind

Slow it down to one moment that is now

I could, I would, and I will

I will get there

I will be in that chair with you 

Because I know what it's like

Empathy is still alive 


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