aphrodisiac of mine.

my heart has a place for you that no other man could ever subdue.

I love the way you stimulate my mind, my body and my soul without any hesitation. when you touch me, it is pure seduction.

I need to constantly feel every part of you; only you.

lying here with our bodies shamelessly naked, yet so comfortable, so natural.

how your manly, muscular arms hold me tight inside of you, leaving my kisses on the heart of your chest.

your fingers gently running down my spine, giving me chills throughout my whole body.

as your fingers come back up, you tangle my hair into your fist, slowly pulling my head back as you kiss me down to my neck; you’ve found my weak spot.

making your way to my ear, where you whisper how much you love me, how much you need me.

your words; in every aspect, captivate my soul in a way like no other.

running my fingers through the curls of your hair, while we kiss our soft lips; our hearts beating more rapidly.

then comes a moment when we stop mid-kiss, just to smile & look into each others eyes.

now kissing me on my chest. down to my stomach. then on to my inner thighs- showing me how much you appreciate every inch of my thick body.

the way you come back up to bite my lip makes me not so innocent anymore- nor do I want to be.

gripping his throat, just to reassure he’s not going anywhere.

grabbing my thighs, just to remind me that I am all his.

our hands are unapologetically untamed.

your skin pressed against mine is an addiction.

love with you become an essence, rather than a four letter word.


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