Addiction Anonymous

Hello my name is . . .

And I'm an addict.


It started out casually, 

just a drink of this idea,

a future with you.

I could see our path unfolding but

I didn't know the way, the why, the when, or

the who.


The years pass through me;

I drink more and more of this idea,

this addiction of mine to our future.

It grows into a gnawing desperation,

biting on my heart,

only leaving the scars on the inside. 

But still this addiction grows stronger.


The dream of a future slides easily 

down my throat

as I try to fill my sould with 

the essence of this hope.


Drinking into submission,

I think I'm getting closer to you,

you mysterious person,


I fill my mind with you,

but never does my body accomplish this

because I know you will never come,

so I just keep drinking my dream forever.

This poem is about: 



I think I fell in love with you through the stanzas. Powerful languege. It was lovely.

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