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I want to go deep in your thoughts and explore every inch of your mind

In the bedroom, bathroom, wash room I want to get with you and forget the sexual nature of our being while I get intimately closer with your mind that is craving intimacy


I want to go down to core of love and savor every thought while making passionate talk as I make you feel like this is our fist time… talking about our issues and aspects in our lives that have aroused us… in anger and eventually make us curl our… fingers into a fist in pure frustration at the evil in our world that has made it harder for us to find love


I want to have amazing, astounding, astonishing, mind-blowing, and passionate conversation all night till the sun rises again and sheds its light on us.


While other males choose the sheets in your bed, I choose the sheets on your desk that hold the secrets you have once held of the love you wish to have with a real man that can take care of your every thought and wont leave you emotionally frustrated


I want you to blow my… mind.

I want you to expel through your lips the love you yearn for and the love you crave for


I want to get close to you and hold you tight as you scream and cry out while you reflect on the past and past lovers that you thought were once perfect and perfectly yours



My name is Robert by the way… what’s yours?

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