Looking out the Window I see my slight reflection, notice my brown complexion and see all the weathers pondering whether I should wear that red sweater.

My mind speaks of these feelings unconstrained maybe higher than hotel ceilings let me explain myself... You see when it rains I think about that 6pm train, to hold someone's hand for three hours with no pain. Each droplet falling on the windowpane soothing our souls in a synchronous game.

When it snows I want to hold you close, make hot chocolate with marshmallows and share secrets the most. The purity of untouched snow whiter than a ghost brings serenity and peace of mind.

When its scorching hot I think about the beach, many waters we can't reach, feet in the sand and aiming for a tan. Let the sun bring out the melanin in our skin, take classes to learn how to swim and share beautiful photos on Instagram.

When its cloudy outside, lets walk in the park taking unknown travels like Lewis & Clark breath in nature at its finest before dark. The clouds cast shadows directing paths to a special landmark, many times I am stuck with question marks.

In the night follow me and lay down to count the stars, create shapes to take and fill-up Mason jars. When its windy that's when I want to float away fill my lungs with air to feel freedom and hold onto Friday. I don't want these visions to vanish into nothing, they keep me alive, all I want to do is thrive. I need you to survive.

The window is fogging only to diminish this vision, can something be wrong? Everything seems like an unknown decision but I will hang on.


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Enigmatic Pariah

This poem is quite sublime, rhythmically alluring, and beautifully crafted:

a fine work of art. I especially enjoyed the use of assonance within 

the first and second line. Captivating work, your words created a vision in my mind.


This means so much to me, Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it and can relate. 

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