Cold Sweat

The taste of your sweat is cold like a waterfall

Each time I remember licking it

I feel too much pain deep in my chest

It pulls from my throat to the place the air settles

When I force myself to breathe 

It’s stuck there like the flavor of butter rum

Out of site beyond my touch like a memory

I will never watch again as it fades there

A dirty shadow on a cold wall I can’t wash clean


When you tempt me with questioning

I hold my breath and begin to believe

The candy will soon grace my lips

I can’t read your mind and my low esteem

Puts me under the coal and I don’t trust you

Don’t trust me to keep the wall intact

Letting it crumble to the grass every time


I lay there like a war blown rubble of bricks

A heap of hot longing 

Waiting for the dreams to replace the thoughts

And the stars to mix me back together

So I can work and move like I’ve forgotten you




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