Excruciating Love


Excruciating Love



Never have I encountered such a plight

In which my heart contradicts its morals.

Her skin is dun, while mine is fairly light

In an era where mixing spark quarrels.


On her scalp, grows black and feeble wires

Which are accompanied by her stout lips.

Excruciating love I desire

Though I’m her Master, it’s my heart she whips.


In the palm of my hands her freedom lays.

Under her fist is where my heart settles.

If I then let her fly, what might she say?

That “The darkness and the light can’t meddle.”


I love her so; perhaps I’ll set her free.

I love her so; I want her all to me.

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There is much more to this sonnet than what  the eye perceives. Many attempted but failed to fully comprehend its true value. Hint: It correlates to the time of slavery.

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