A part

From you it feels like

An addict’s withdrawal, and a sinner’s eternity

As a guy you probably wouldn’t even think twice at being

Away from my embrace

Maybe you do

I can’t understand from your point of view


I’ll just discuss mine (inhale-exhale)

My attraction for you is so


I am incomplete without

You presence

A foot’s distance on the couch


Too far for my flesh to handle and

Too much for my soul to comprehend

Just to have your hand in mine,

Arms around me or your head

On my lap

It is my completion

When you hold me from behind

my soul is content and elated

When we kiss there is no force on this earth

In existence

It is just you and I

When we kiss I feel so safe, so in love, so

In Desire

That I am not too proud to say

I’ve wanted more…

And to ask me to share you

Even with those who came before me

Would be Futile

Yes there are 6 billion on

This planet and many are men

But I desire you and all the Good and Bad

That comes with You

I shutter at the idea of not

Being able to feel your skin on mine, the moist of

Your lips on mine, and the sweet warm breath

in between, or hear the sounds of our lips

as they imitate what we wish our bodies were doing

Someday my love they will…

In our marital bed we will be so close

We will finally be one body and soul.

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