Rallying Cry

Time, it's the movemen of the second hand
from five to four
what have I experienced
in my life
the towers fell
Jackson , the Elvis of the X generation
Y2K hit
and everyone packed up duck tape and AA batteries
it seems the war has gone on for half my life

my parents
in their life...
they saw big hair and footloose
the hippies
my uncles witnessed Elvis die
and the British invasion
my grandparent were just teens during WWII

What am I
what makes up my life
what dictates my memories
am I allowed to keep them
what happens when the second hand moves
from four to three
will I look in the mirror
and realize that the person in the mirror
is who I thought I was

what has happened in my lifetime
worth remembering

everything is so public, so global now
am I just searching for the greatness that everyone before me experienced
do I just want to live my life with the second hand
moving from three to two and live in the world forgotten
where every concept was new, a novelty

I'm searching
there is more to this life
than a new presient
and N. korea's bombardments

bring me the clock that moves to bring back worlds past
make the gears spin
bring the old back as the new
the appreciated
life is worth living and looking
making a novelty
watching the suset on a calm water

Bring me the clock!
Time should not be forgotten
let it never be forgotten
the day the second hand
counted from four to three
three to two
two to oone
let's begin
let's watch it start
Let's make it great
something to be proud to tell our children of
let's be the generation
that witnessed the clock
reach back to the impossible number
and clutch it, make it ours


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