Who I could be



I see nothing

Nothing but her

I just stare

And she’s beautiful

Her soft eyes stare cautiously

And her hair falls

It’s always falling

Soft skin

Pure- not a flaw

It’s falling just falling

Always falling

Until it ends

She has curves

Curves may not be the right word

She’s curved right into a ball

And she shivers

Shakes, heart pulsates

Pumping blood and oxygen

It’s impossible that she can make even the most common functions

Look so lovely

Her tears do nothing to shake my attention

Because until I looked upon her

I didn’t know sadness could be so becoming

I can’t help it

I just stare

She’s the image of purity

Perfect legs

Strong, unblemished


She breathes

And I do too

But my breaths can’t inspire kingdoms to wage war

She breathes

With her shoulders

Though they say you should use your stomach

Who could blame her?

She needs something to lift that weight up

I just stare

At those watery eyes

A sight only second to the lingering ghost of a smile

That may never come back

And her hair falls

Every last strand colliding with another

Until they’ve amassed into a wave of silk

I just stare

Until I open my eyes

I just stare

At nothing

A nothingness

Empty but for pretentious dreams of perfection

Though I do not regret wasting my time

Dreaming of the girl

Who is everything I am not

And given everything that I have


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful poem

enjoy the msg behind this particular piece

love the image of words you use to express yourself

great job

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