Between The Lights I Lurk


I am a shadow. I am a spore. I am a seed.

I have not grown yet, but among my millions of siblings, I don't think I'll stand out much.

I am the crowd you push by to rush to your sweetheart. I am the faceless many that fill the voids in your fondest memories.

I wander, and when I wander, my footsteps echo to nothing.

I fill the gaps, I fill the void, but only the void that you create.

But, I am not only the crowd, but the shadows.

That nagging doubt. That little self awareness sprite flickering in the back of your skull?

Did anyone see that? I did.

I hope nobody saw that. I did.

As I fill in the void, I spectate. I watch the main stars of the program. I lurk in the sea of the faceless, confident nobody will see me, find me, want me.

I see everything you do. I don't judge. Just watch.

Forgive me. It's just so lonely here in mediocrity.


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