20 Minutes til Sunrise

It's 20 minutes to sunrise

I'm watching the sun kiss every inch of your skin

as it awakes from its slumber and peers through the window

Skin that only God could have molded with red clay from the earth

I'm watching your chest rise and fall like oceans tide

Noisy but relaxing

He is beautiful

As he stirs from his sleep his eyes flicker against the light

I wonder if those eyelashes cause sand storms across the Sahara

And then I look into his eyes and i'm drowning 

I'm sinking to the bottom when I catch a glimpse of light

That smile

Pulling me out of my fantasy and back to reality

I can't help but smile back

He is beautiful

Good morning his voice rumbles still asleep 

And i wonder if his voice shakes mountains 

Or if when he speaks does lighting comes after

He is beautiful

He just doesn't belong to me


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