Time and Space

If I cry to the heavens by moonlight

As the stars sparkle out in the sky

Will the sound of my echoing anthem

Be buried or rise up and fly?

I have shouted my soul through the distance

Beyond all that I've ever known,

And yet somehow I don't think she hears me,

And to know that cuts me to the bone. 

But I write and I sing with a vigor

Till my fingers and throat wet with blood,

But I'll write it in red and I'll sing it

Till I'm buried six feet under mud.

When you scream across mountains and forests,

And you yell to the future and past,

It's unlikely that someone will hear you,

And it's likely the message won't last.

There's a something, I know that it's out there,

Maybe I've passed it out on the street,

If I did, then I just didn't know it,

Is it possible we'll ever meet?

To a void filled with nothing I sing it,

All the passion welled up in my soul,

In the hopes that maybe she'll listen,

And that maybe she'll fill up this hole. 

This is maudlin, and some think it's foolish,

Or think my heart is out on my sleeve,

But that's wrong, for I hold it before me,

In my hands where it hopes and believes.

Through the sunlight and rain my voice echoes

In the hopes that she'll hear what I say,

I don't know what to do but keep singing,

I just wish I had some other way.

I am eager, but I am not desperate,

This sweet dream is the one I will chase,

I hope one day she'll hear what I'm saying,

As I sing out through time and through space. 



nice poem can you read iin comment on some of mine  thank you


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