When Time Stops


Nothing ever explains the way I feel about you,
I never saw you before, your eyes bright blue,
Lovely birds in the sky and the smell of perfume,
The way I am now, I'd probably hurt you,

But your eyes got me in a spell I can't break,
I melt And I smile so wide that I can't make,
Cautious measure I go through so I don't make,
Any mistakes I can loose it no way,

Jealous man with a figure that can't talk,
Stumbling over words and tripping I can't walk,
Missed calls nothin more than a true sorry,
And of course im all alone all caught up and worried,

Give me one chance girl you won't regret, 
Maybe small dinner little wine if you let,
Me charm you I can make the bet,
That you won't be sad, maybe happy instead.


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