Writely Yours

Stop it. Whatever it is that you do.

Making me reconsider pulling away from you.

I want to be gone, cut off from your world,

But with each smile, my emotions are swirled.

You have nothing to offer me, no intellect, no skill,

Nothing in my heart I wish you to instill.


But you call me smart, funny, and witty,

While I insult you or look down with pity.

You raise my flaws, while your own disappear,

Out of my sight, making me want to call you my dear.

I feel myself falling, no means of prevention,

Wiping away every single intention.


The answer lies true in my heart,

So if I tell you, will you tear it apart?

Or will you keep it a secret so only you know?

Will you cover it up so it won't show?

Will you tell me what I know is true?

So I can continue loving you?


Or will you feed me all your lies,

Hide the truth behind your eyes,

Pretend you never did really care.

Lies and fake hate, you declare.

Worst shall become the best,

When that happens, shall I rest?


Or will I live with this misery?

And will you ever get to see,

Past all these lies to what's true,

So you can see how much I love you?


I wish you could know,

What I'm too scared to show.

I wish you could see,

Just how much you mean to me.

I wish you could tell,

That I know you so well.


I wish you could feel,

My love that is real.

I wish you could hear,

The things that I fear,

About you never knowing,

That my love for you is growing.


My heart feels like it's torn in two,

Why can't I just be with you?

Everyday another tear,

Everyday a lot more fear.

I want to hold you in my arms,

I want to keep you safe from harm.


I act like things are all okay,

But I really want to run away.

I act like things are all alright,

But always end up in a fight.


I cry more tears than I can count;

Why won't they just let me out?

I tell myself these things won't stay,

But I don't think they'll go away.


Falling for you, no hope of returning,

filled with emotions that are slightly concerning.

You'll never know what this could be

Because you didn't get a chance to know me.


You're the one I know is right

And the one I long to kiss goodnight.

I know someday you'll drift away,

But if I tell you now, will you stay?


Maybe you'll be happy this day came

Because you might feel the same.

But if I never get a chance to say it,

Just know that I meant it.


When you read this you'll wonder, "Who did she write it to?"

I want you to know I wrote it just for you.


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