Day By Day

Taking it day by day is all that I can do,

Because no matter how hard I try, all I think about is you.

One day I am fine, and the next day I am falling apart,

And it is because you still are the only thing that has a permenant place in my heart.

No matter how hard I try, everything that I do somehow reminds me of you,

Because I can't just remove the past four years and everything that we have been through.

It scares me to death how in love with you I am,

Because I may still be waiting for someone who will never give a damn.

I don't know what happened, but I never thought you would come to mean so much to me,

Because right from the start I was able to fully trust you and see everything that we could be.

I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to let you go,

And deep down, I know that this is something that you will never know.

And the reason for that is is one hundred percent my fault,

Because the love I have for you will never come to surface because I will always keep it in a vault.

I am scared to tell you how I really feel,

Because that will make the heartbreak that much more real.

That if I tell you how I feel, and you don't feel the same way, 

I don't know if I will be able to take it day by day.

And I know that it is more dumb to sit here and keep waiting,

Because I coulds wait this whole time, and then there is a chance that we will never even end up dating.

But every once in a while, my heart fills up with so much pain,

And sometimes it drizzles, but other times it is a pouring rain.

Because I have days where everything is great, and I am waiting for something that is worth while,

And I walk around with a hopeful heart and a sincere smile.

But then I have other days where I realize how pathetic this is and that it may all be for nothing,

Because even though it sometimes brings me joy, there are times where there is too much pain that it brings. 

But I can't help the way that I feel and that I genuinely thought you were the one,

Because there is no one else like you, and you can't be compared to none. 

But maybe that is how it is meant to be, and that for us it is a long term affair,

Because I try to look for others, but it keeps leading me no where.

Even though I am trying, I still have you in the back of my mind,

Because the love I felt for you from the start is something that is hard to find.

I still want to believe that we are meant to be together in the end,

Because I can't have you in my life as just a friend. 

I love you, and I knew it from the start and I always will,

And the love I have for you is a void that no other will ever be able to fill.


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I absolutely love this! Your writing is so powerful and full of emotion. 


Awww, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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