Thu, 09/11/2014 - 15:00 -- sadiee_



Desguised, hidden, shunned, and thrown away.

I look into the mirror, all that I see, is the demon staring back at me.

Never knew who it was, until my mind was frozen with time.

I seem to hold back, everything that's happened in my past.

Why? I have not a clue. I just hope that this isn't juelz.

This is me, no? I can't even see, who I really am destined to be.

slashing my efforts, causeing me to seize,

coming at me like a venerio diesease.

This is my life, Ain't I supposed to choose it? How it's supposed to be?

Damn, my hope and committment, means nothing,

he's acting billigerent.


Does it hurt him at all? Does it strain his eyes to see at nite, me...

standing there, waiting hoping your running and hiding in fear.

I want you to sufffer, but I know it's all to much,,,,(sighs)

let me just slow down, calm.... and recollect my self.


Again, I mean I've loved you for so long, and to me... you are my all. <3

but something is telling me no..stop..he's killing me!

In a distorted figure, I thought i've seen the demon, that strangles himself inside of me.

Not completley there, but of hope to come near,

my soul's only opening,

he'll cop that in no time you see

he's there. he's risin. But this love for my adorned significant other,

isn't accepted.

I'm telling you this demon is helping me.

Or is that just what it wants me to see,,and think. then let

him in. and let him have everything that makes me me.

My life, My love,

My soul, My riches.

My heart will never know, I'm just all for show,

I'm screaming out ...I'm calling for help.

 Please....this love is going to be the death of me.


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