Left Missing Me

Thu, 10/29/2015 - 23:02 -- mselzer

Your hands run through my hair

Your piercing eyes searching mine

For what, I do not know

Nor do I know what you will find.


Maybe you see the way I adore you

My thoughts always wandering back to you

The admiration

The emotions I hope you have for me too


Maybe you sense the dormant passion

The one that I locked away deep in my soul

Awaken it for me

And never again would I bear the bitter cold


Perhaps the hesitancy is what you perceive

That which you instilled in me, making me break

Can you not see now?

You get what you give, and all you did was take


One last chance to press your soft lips to mine

Sate what my eager mouth has desired

Is it not meant to be?

Why do you try to quench this blazing fire?


I remember the way you used to hold me

But I have to leave, I can no longer stay

You will not decide

So I go to find a better lover and a better day


I think of you from time to time

Wondering if you ever think of me and miss kissing me

You wish for just one more touch

But you didn’t have what I need so you’re left missing me


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