Try Again

When you tried your best, you seem to get knocked down again,

And you are left there wondering if this is going to be the end.

If this whole time you have been fighting for no real reason,

And you are losing motivation with the changing of the season.

But you know that you need to dig deeper than that,

Or else you are always going to be where you have always been at.

You know that the motivation can come and go,

And you try your best to not let all of the emotions show.

Because it is something that will always end up holding you back,

And it makes you feel like the discipline and the skills are what you lack.

Despite how hard you tried, it didn’t pay off,

And the journey that you have been through has been pretty tough.

But you know that all of it makes you stronger, and it is part of your story,

And going through those hard times is what is going to lead you to glory.

There are moments when you wish it was a simpler thing to do,

But you know that if everything was handed to you, then you would have never grew.

And it took you a long time to realize that everything you went through will get you to where 

you want to be,

And your future is bright, and it is something that you are finally able to see.

That this whole time while you were trying to get better, you were good enough all along,

And there was no one else but yourself that you needed to prove wrong.

That it doesn’t matter how long this journey takes,

Or all of the failures you’ve encountered or all of your mistakes.

All that matters is that every time you fell, you decided to keep going,

The ups and down of it all has what allowed you to keep growing.

You knew that you needed to change the path, but never the goal,

But achieving that dream is what is going to help you become whole.

And when you were knocked down, you tried it again,

And you know no matter what, you are going to achieve it all in the end.


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